Digital solutions became essential in Estonia during the lockdown

Events turned mostly digital this spring in Tallinn.

With the help of innovative solutions by event venues and organisers and using state-of-the-art video and streaming technology, many international large-scale virtual and hybrid events were organised in Tallinn throughout the first half of 2020.

Meeli Jaaksoo, head of Tallinn Convention Bureau, is happy with the growing number of virtual and hybrid events in Tallinn. “This spring, the event industry suddenly faced largely unexpected complications. Thankfully, very many event organisers in Tallinn managed to quickly rethink their usual activities and adopt virtual solutions. As a tech-savvy nation, we have the expertise and creativity to organise virtual events, even in an international level, without making sacrifices in terms of quality or scale.”

Innovative solutions are becoming a staple in the capital of Estonia. Already before the pandemic, package delivery robots drove around in the streets of Tallinn. The city is also testing driverless buses, which can be seen in various areas in Tallinn. Through the Tallinnovations initiative, Tallinn hopes to become the front-runner and the global testing ground for smart city solutions.

Credits: Kaupo Kalda

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