Siesta Cloud’s e-commerce & events portal is the digital ecosystem of the future

The worlds of e-commerce and entertainment in a single platform.

Now, more than ever the ‘Events’ industry needs new ways and new platforms to visualise and distribute their products and services, whilst being able to monetise their efforts.

Siesta Cloud, a Czech based company has fused the worlds of e-commerce and entertainment onto a single platform, by providing a digital ecosystem linking service providers in the leisure and entertainment sectors with interested parties. Launched in April 2020, the cross-selling and crowdsourcing e-commerce platform’s technology has enabled service providers to transform their business model in a cost-effective manner.
The Siesta Cloud portal was launched to assist small businesses and service providers with the means to easily scale their businesses without having to invest large sums in traditional service providers for areas such as Content Marketing, Sales, Community Development and Social Influencers. The company has reported a huge increase in the number of e.g. orchestras, events planners and exercise instructors registering their services.
The ability to distribute content virtually, is of critical importance right now but will be as important when we are all able to experience live events once again; especially as hybrid events have emerged as the primary means of reaching larger audiences, offering audience flexibility and minimising risks associated with cancellations of traditional event scenarios.
With Siesta Cloud marketplace engine, now anyone can launch VR 360° video content library or livestream platform, crowdsource content or sell tickets in the easiest way. It is a means for a company’s online services to be easily accessible and monetised by as a wide a client base as possible. 
The exciting prospect for small businesses using Siesta Cloud is the provision of infrastructure usually associated with tech giants. This type of innovation could be a game changer for the events industry, as it gets used to our ‘new normal’. 
Q & A with Mikoláš Belec, CEO + Founder, Siesta Cloud:
Do you consider Siesta Cloud to be the ultimate example of hybrid events fusing tech, live creators with traditional presentations at a reasonable price point?
Indeed, we want to help people to overcome all crisis situations. We have launched to assist small businesses and service providers in order to easily scale their businesses without having to invest a large amount of money in the development of their own platforms.
Does Siesta Cloud have the capacity to stream to a global audience, if so, how do you help in marketing that or will that be down to the content creator?
We are flexible in developing our products, so in the case of global streaming, we will adjust the product to the needs of the customer and also help with the marketing activities upon the request.
Is the customisable nature of the platform the most unique USP of Siesta Cloud, opening up pretty much any genre event through the mobility of your tech?
We believe it is just one of the USPs. Another even more important feature is the ability to share the content/product/service among other customers within the Siesta Cloud platform, the so-called ‘shared inventory’ feature.
Based on the above question, how does this work can you give a good and simple case study to exemplify Siesta Cloud? 
One example of the Siesta Cloud ecosystem being applied is the Kultura Doma project that supports the arts and live entertainment sector that has been particularly hard hit in recent times by streaming live events to people’s computer screens. The non-profit platform is free for people looking to upload content for streaming live cultural events and pre-recorded art videos. The project also sees 15% of the profit from selected tickets going to the Czech Red Cross or other charitable organizations.
Does participant event registration or the fan pay per view all take place through the Siesta Cloud platform, so the client only needs to supply their database?
Yes, it does take place through the Siesta Cloud platform but the clients just need to upload their content and fill in more detailed information about the event. We help to monetise creators services without having a need to develop their own proprietary data infrastructure and systems, including payments systems.
Many believe nothing can replace traditional live events, so which features of Siesta Cloud make your product an essential tool for companies to enhance audience participation and for audiences to login? 
We live in an era of digitalization. With the Siesta Cloud marketplace engine, now everyone can launch VR 360° video content library or live stream platform, crowdsource content or sell tickets. That is quite essential when facing a global pandemic or wanting to showcase globally without limitations.
With so many potential applications and manipulations if you future gazed how do you see Siesta Cloud develop?
It is not an easy question. We constantly analyse the current situation and trends to be able to foresee where we shall move and which features to develop that will be the most useful for people.
By Ramy James Salameh
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