World Travel Market 2021 has partnered with ExpressTest by Cignpost– a global diagnostics leader that has done 3 million tests to date and is one of the leading testing providers in the United Kingdom.

Bea World has interviewed the president to get some tips for the participants.

Cultural Attractions of Australia (CAOA) Interview With Executive Director, Annabel Sullivan.

Penny Lion, Executive General Manager Events at Tourism Australia, describes the current situation of the business events' sector in the country.

We are at the beginning of a new year and there are many questions about the future of events in 2021.

Stephanie Dubois, Event Director at SAP, will chair the Corporate Jury of the Best Event Awards.

Maarten Schram, head and founder of LiveCom Alliance ‑ European Institute for Live Communication, shares with Event Point International some of the work that is being done by the Institute.

In a really troubled period of our lives, when everything is changing so quickly, we asked Christoph Tessmar, president of ICCA’s Iberian Chapter, for a short observation. How does he look at these times, when the event industry seemed set for a good year of work, and suddenly everything changed, because of covid‑19?