The professional congress organisation sector has been undergoing a swirl of changes for more than a decade.

Convention centres today are increasingly facing a uniquely challenging – and somewhat contradictory - set of demands.

To prepare a great meal you need a good recipe.

Almost three decades have passed since the last day of my tourism degree at ISLA with an official Guide Interpreter license in hand, kept safe ‘just in case’ and with a strong will to create, to learn, to feel, share, and every project was like bringing a dream into reality, regardless of some nightmares along the way.

Saying that events are important relationship actions, that meetings, congresses and incentives should be part of any commercial organisation or brand's communication and growth strategy, is as helpful as a wet Friday in November.

It is never easy to summarise anything up, in just a few sentences, especially two years of commitment and heart driven Presidency at the ICCA Iberian Chapter, my home away from home, with a truly special and memorable family.

Hosting major international events is of enormous importance for the destination Portugal, so much that it has become a pillar of our tourism strategy.

Managing people, motivating them, bringing them to their maximum potential is a demanding but decisive task when talking about event staff.

No one survives in the event organisation business without a huge passion for this area.

Portugal was recently elected, for the second time in a row, as the Leading European Destination by the World Travel Awards.