EDP ​​uses engagement to guarantee its employees’ energy

There were two days of information, sharing, entertainment, positioning, proposals and emotion, a lot of emotion for the approximately six thousand EDP employees.

Exploring the “Made of Us” theme, the energy company held its first Encontros 2020 bringing together all the Group's employees in Portuguese territory.

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As the brand’s largest internal event in Portugal, the Encontro Interno de Colaboradores EDP (Internal Meeting of EDP Employees) was created to provide unique moments of results sharing and of commitment to future performance.

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An engagement based on the concept developed by Desafio Global, and executed in this event by the agency with the support of Europalco, Imppacto, PMP, Olga Studios, Hello Movement, Step Up and Soap, of a visual journey provided by giant screens that went around the arena roof. A structure with two stages, screens with mapped projection and the badge ribbons, which lit and changed colours according to the moment of the event, drew the attention of all the guests. Leading employees in their areas were recognised and it was created a kind of informal council to contribute with ideas and visions outside the official sphere of the company; and benefits were announced for employees, such as the day off on their birthday or the possibility to take their children and grandchildren to their first day of school.

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Macro economy issues, the energy business environment and the global scenario, such as sustainability, natural resources, decarbonisation, asset sales, future investments, and all kinds of information about the competition, were on the event's agenda. They were addressed interactively, with videos and speeches by the CEO of EDP, António Mexia, and the chairman of the General and Supervision Board, Luís Amado.

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A true battalion of Imppacto employees served lunch, with a three-course menu for the six thousand guests. The event ended with a very much applauded musical moment, provided by Pedro Abrunhosa, Ana Moura and a tribute to António Variações. This Internal Meeting of EDP Employees took place on the 5th and 6th of February, at Altice Arena.

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