The Olympic Museum, a unique MICE venue in Lausanne

Event Point's International MICE Correspondent Ramy Salameh collaborated with, who provided him an Interrail 'Global Pass' ticket to explore Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia helping him to discover some of Europe's hidden MICE gems. During his travels, he had the chance to visually showcase some amazing, quirky and inspiring venues/incentives. Through our 'Gallery section' take a tour of the places and activities that you may not have been aware of, but with the help of Event Point International may well plant the seeds of an idea that may take root for your next event.

Switzerland has been blessed to be the HQ of the two biggest sporting organisations in the world – the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). Both support their own museums, which provide Lausanne and Zurich with truly unique MICE venues offering inspirational USP's for planners with various rooms for hire and this can include post event tours of the museums, charting the history of the Olympics ( and FIFA World Cup (

Take a look at some photos from the Olympic Museum:


1. Frame your event at The Olympic Museum Lausanne.

2. Spiralling through the Olympic Museum's three exhibition levels. Spread over 3000sqm, with three major themes and 1,500 objects, will create a unique event.

3. Auditorium Samaranch inside The Olympic Museum with state of the art facilities.

4. Artefacts from the Winter and Summer Games are displayed showing the evolution, depth and breadth of disciplines and competitions.

5. Jesse Owen's running shoe, just one of many exhibition displays to enthral and excite.

6. Audio-visual installations bring the emotions of the Olympics to life.

7. Dining in Club Coubertin on level 2 of the museum, in front of framed Olympic athletes past and presente.

8. Event spaces on level 2 all have terrace access and lake vistas, providing both internal and external options for planners.

9. The Parvis forecourt is an external space located next to the Olympic flame.

10. The first Olympic flag from 1913.

11. Are you ready to present your company in the prestigious surroundings of The Olympic Museum, Lausanne?


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