Cocorico Luxury Guesthouse brings French group to Porto

Millésime is considering more opportunities in both Porto and Lisbon. For now, it opened its first unit, a three million euros investment

Porto is a little more French, with the opening of Cocorico Luxury Guesthouse. An investment of three million euros by the Millésime group, this new unit in Duque de Loulé street, has a restaurant that serves French delicacies and a cocktail bar. This ten-bedroom boutique hotel was the result of the rehabilitation of a guesthouse that already existed in the building, 6 Only, which was bought by the French company, but kept the team that had previously worked there.

Cocorico concept tells stories of love and friendship between Portugal and France, through materials throughout the building, with couples names like José and Josephine or Catarina and Benoit assigned to each room.

Among the bedrooms now available are seven doubles and three family bedrooms. Prices start at 180 euros and go up to 300 euros. The group management intends the French restaurant to live on its own, with a menu conceived by the company's Executive Chef, with traditional French bourgeois cuisine.

Millésime was created in 2015 by Philippe Monnin and Alexandra Patek in Bordeaux. It currently has seven hotels and eight restaurants, 150 employees and 10 million euros in turnover.

Choosing Porto has to do with the group's strategy, which has been implementing itself alongside wine regions, with the company still considering buildings in Foz do Porto and Douro, with the objective of "promoting a trilogy in Porto: the sea - the old city - the Douro valley," said the company representatives. Investing in Lisbon is also on the table "if it is possible to find an opportunity for construction and renovation".

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