Desafio Global is the fourth most awarded at the Best Event Awards

The Portuguese agency already brought home 30 prizes.

The Best Event Awards (BEA) Top 30 features a Portuguese agency. Desafio Global is the fourth most awarded event agency, having already won 30 awards. Desafio Global, which has been participating in the BEA World Festival for eight years, has gathered 62 points in the international ranking, led by Italian agency Filmmaster Events (130 points), followed by German Insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung (76) and French Magic Garden (68).

"This distinction speaks for itself. Competing with agencies and events with much higher budgets is highly revealing of the Portuguese creativity and the way we combine the available resources to achieve the best results for our customers," Pedro Rodrigues, Desafio Global Chief Executive, said in a statement.

Since its first edition, more than 280 agencies from 29 countries have applied for the Best Event Awards. According to the BEA World Festival, this ranking is based on the total points earned for each prize won since 2006. That is, the Grand Prix equals ten points, the second place in the Grand Prix is worth five and the third three points. There are also points in the Macro Categories (five, three and two, for the first, second and third classified, respectively) and in Event Categories (three, two and one).

Desafio Global has already won 30 awards, of which 15 first places, ten seconds and five thirds – also having been honoured in 2011 as Best Event Agency in Europe, with the EDP Energia Douro concert.

Top 30 of event agencies:

1. Filmmaster Events (Italy), 130 points

2. Insglück Gesellschaft für Markeninzenierung (Germany), 76 points

3. Magic Garden (France), 68 points

4. Desafio Global (Portugal), 62 points

5. Vok Dams Events & Live Marketing (Germany), 61 points

6. Auditoire France (France), 50 points

7. Jung Von Matt/Relations Gmbh (Germany), 46 points

8. Casta Diva Pictures (Italy), 46 points

9. Xsaga (Holland), 42 points

10. BBDO Live (Germany), 29 points

11. Alphaomega Group (Italy), 28 points

12. SCP – Sistemas de Comunicación Puntual y Marketing (Spain), 28 points

13. Maximice (Russia), 26 points

14. VO Communication in Partnership with Verhulst Events and Luc Petit Creation (Belgium), 24 points

15. Concept X Strategische Kommunikation Gmbh (Germany), 24 points

16. Realizar Worldwide Events (United Kingdom), 24 points

17. George P. Johnson (United Kingdom), 23 points

18. Manifestory (France), 20 points

19. Heimat, Berlin (Germany), 20 points

20. Global Events (Spain), 20 points

21. Fieldwork (Norway), 17 points

22. Creative Pro (Slovaquia), 17 points

23. Jack Morton Worldwide (United Kingdom), 17 points

24. Ubi Bene (France), 16 points

25. Cheil France (France), 15 points

26. Creators (Germany), 14 points

27. Four to One Lighting (Germany), 14 points

28. Hagen Invent (Germany), 14 points

29. General de Producciones y Diseno (GDP) (Spain), 14 points

30. Madhat (Germany), 14 points

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