Eventex Awards 2023 open for entries



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Eventex Awards is announcing their 13th global edition of the awards.

Every year the Global Eventex Awards celebrates creativity, innovation and effectiveness highlighting excellence in the global event industry. Since 2009 Eventex Awards has attracted some of the biggest brands and the most creative agencies, event suppliers, and solutions, with more than 1600 companies and 3100 entries from over 90 countries having competed in the awards. 

What’s different in this new edition is that a gradual revitalization of the event industry seems to be in course. The team is anticipating a significant rise in live-event format entries in comparison to virtual events for this new edition of Eventex Awards.

“We can’t wait to welcome your fantastic entries into this next edition of the competition. It’s shaping up to be another fantastic year for events, as people are evidently ever so hungry for in-person interactions and memorable experiences. ” comments Ovanes Ovanessian, Co-founder of Eventex.

The organization announces some improvements: new categories added to reflect the new dawn of the metaverse and use of NFTs in events, as well as the introduction of score standardization - a mathematical formula to ensure an even fairer scoring system. Essentially, it helps reduce variation in judging by standardizing each judge's scores.

Register and find out more about Eventex Awards 2023 at https://eventex.co.