Eventex: technology, sustainability and personalised events


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Eventex has presented its report on the main trends for the events industry in the coming year.

Artificial intelligence and technology, sustainability and personalised events occupy the podium of the main trends for the events industry in 2024, according to The Eventex 2024 Events Industry Trends Report. The report brings together the responses of 59 event professionals from 25 countries, who indicated three trends for the coming year.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies were the consensus of 19.4 per cent of professionals. AI is expected to influence every aspect of an event, from planning and proposal creation to communication with participants, maximising the impact of events. But there are other technologies that will mark the industry: biometric technologies, holograms, even more spectacular light effects, for example. Augmented reality and virtual reality will continue to contribute to an immersive experience for participants.

Sustainability (17 per cent) is already more than a trend, it's a necessity, which is why, according to Eventex, it will continue to be on the agenda of event professionals in 2024. More innovative solutions are expected to bring more sustainability, without compromising on budgets and creativity.

The personalisation of events is predicted by 17% of professionals, because participants are increasingly looking for experiences. Event organisers must create memorable experiences that engage visitors and meet their needs, also taking into account the growing impact of new generations.

But there are more trends to mark the industry in the coming year: immersion (an indication from 13.9 per cent of the professionals surveyed), events with purpose (10.3 per cent), face-to-face and hybrid events (7.3 per cent), diversity, equity and inclusion (4.2 per cent), data capture and efficiency (4.2 per cent), budget constraints (4.2 per cent) and unusual venues (2.4 per cent).