IACC Shines with its digi-live Europe Knowledge Festival


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IACC staged its annual Europe Knowledge Festival which took place using IACC’s MultiPOD format.

On 22nd October 2021, IACC staged its annual Europe Knowledge Festival which took place using IACC’s MultiPOD format, enabling the event to take place online and across two in-person locations in Europe.

IACC partnered with hybrid event specialist Abbit to stage the one-day conference, which held in-person sessions at Skogshem and Wijk in Sweden and Warwick Conferences in the UK. The event was attended by delegates from across Europe and the US.

The conference programme included keynote sessions from Helen Moon, Founder and CEO of Eventwell and Julian Stubbs, CEO of Up There, Everywhere as well as a variety of plenary sessions, breakouts and a highly collaborative cross-channel innovations laboratory. As part of the Invention Lab each POD, in the live and virtual locations, was tasked to design a future meeting environment.


Each meetings POD, including the virtual POD, had a regional facilitator who was supported by master facilitator Michael Jackson. In addition, IACC’s team of volunteer members were coached by Mike Van Der Vijver of Mind Meeting on facilitation techniques, with Michael Jackson helping them to deliver the complex multi-location workshops. To further support the event, ABBIT provided skilled technicians for each POD site as well as a technical director at the ABBIT HQ in Belgium, making it a seamless conference across several locations.

Mark Cooper, CEO, IACC commented: “Our goal was to create a conference that enabled as many of our members to come together, in person or virtually and we achieved that through our MultiPOD format and the incredible support from ABBIT. It is an incredibly important time for our industry, and it is crucial that collectively we share knowledge and insights with our colleagues to support its recovery.”