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FIL – Lisbon Exhibition & Convention Centre is the main exhibition centre in Portugal, with a total area of 100,000 sqm.

But the 4 pavilions, each with an area of 10,000 sqm, can host much more than fairs. This year alone, 28 national and international major events were held here, mainly association congresses, with between 1,500 and 12,000 participants, but also corporate events, “the number of which is expected to grow in 2023”.

For these XL events, FIL has several turnkey solutions, which go through the construction of auditoriums, breakout rooms, complementary exhibition sectors and catering areas. And also a design department which is capable of transforming that venue “into a unique, versatile and welcoming place”.

Auditorium solutions

The construction aspect of the auditoriums is intended to “enhance the flexible and multifunctional architecture of each pavilion”, featuring “the most diverse and innovative solutions which meet the needs of our clients”.

“We develop solutions increasingly geared towards the specific requirements of each event, and as such, we invite you all to discover our soundproof auditoriums, inside the pavilions”.

More about FIL

In addition to the 4 pavilions with enclosed meeting rooms and 1 multi-purpose pavilion with a modern architecture and fully equipped spaces, FIL also includes the PT Meeting Centre, with 3 auditoriums, 5 meeting rooms and 2 foyers.

Located in Parque das Nações, near the river-side, FIL is just 7 minutes from Lisbon airport and 200 metres from Gare do Oriente, a multi-modal transit hub, were you can find all public transportation for the city centre.

About Lisbon Venues

Lisbon Venues has over 65 years of experience in congresses, conventions, events and fairs. With 2 distinct venues that combine a total area of 129,000 sqm, the Lisbon Congress Centre (CCL) and the Lisbon Exhibition & Convention Centre (FIL), Lisbon Venues is “the ideal partner for your project”.

Offering “a wide variety of services and 2 appealing locations that allow you to explore Lisbon, our venues are just a trip away from hosting the most memorable event”.

Lisbon Venues also aims to be a partner that helps to position Lisbon as the Hub for Sustainability and Innovation.

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