Three big trends in events



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We know that 2020 has forever changed the way we design and manage events. We accompany our customers every day.

In this area and in tourism, also brutally affected by the event of the century. With 2022 still evolving in an uncertain way, there are, however, some trends looming on the horizon.

There is a new balance being born between virtual and face-to-face

The old argument is intensified. The virtual is here to stay. It’s unavoidable. But, exhausted by closure and detachment, we all yearn for some closeness and experience beyond zoom. With face‑to‑face events and micro-events picking up steam, we believe that paper will also regain its space. In brochures and booklets. In props for relevant social media interactions. And increasingly original. Nothing is impossible.

Hyperpersonalisation is no longer a negotiable value

The time of everything for everyone is gone. Personalisation is the big new trend. Dedicated messages. Ultra‑segmented databases. Customised communication materials. Here, digital printing is our greatest ally. Shorter production times. Smaller print runs. And the cherry on top: the possibility of introducing custom variable data.

Imagine a personalised invitation without having to incur pornographic costs. A welcome pack with an individual message for each participant. A brochure associated with an activation or promotional campaign with a unique QR code or barcode sequence. Or a personal, non-transferable memory gift that each participant will surely remember as a unique memory of their event.

Distancing is the new direction for design and signage

Thinking about space, also in events, today brings a new challenge. Respecting social distancing, while fighting social distancing. Creativity is now oriented towards mindfulness decoration solutions that enhance well-being and restore a sense of closeness and social interaction. And, in graphic arts, we see a major trend oriented towards social distancing signage emerging. Signage that recalls behaviours that have become commonplace for everyone – such as wearing a mask or keeping distance – but which, at the same time, become a source of inspiration and creativity to communicate the brand in an even more relevant and original way.

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Nuno Araújo, CEO NPrint