Business Travel Exhibition in Mozambique


It is a first. The first edition of SVN (Salão das Viagens de Negócio, or Business Travel Exhibition) in Mozambique will take place on 2nd June, at the Girassol Indy Congress Hotel & Spa in capital Maputo. The event aims to be an annual meeting point for the industry of Mozambican business trips.

Under the theme "África Voa" (Africa flies), the event includes a seminar on economics in southern Africa and its impacts in Mozambique, the presentation of the first "Business Travel Dana & American Express Global Business Travel Barometer - Mozambique", the result of a survey conducted between companies established in the country, and a sample of airlines, hotels, rent-a-cars, among other suppliers.

This event is a Travelstore Group creation, and takes place in Portugal, Angola and now in Mozambique.