A Champion Experience


The Sport Lisboa e Benfica’s Events Management counts with a multidisciplinary team, with an extensive experience in the organization of all kind of projects

We are available to provide you an integral service in the events organization, suitable for your company and according to your wishes.

The Football Experience is one of our premium products. With this product we assure a memorable and unique experience to your customers, employees and partners. The aim is to hold a football match as it was an official one, where all the participants would feel like Sport Lisboa e Benfica’s players and live an experience of a Champion.

Today, we are going to describe you the experience felt on the Sport Lisboa e Benfica’s pitch. Invite 40 partners or employees and put them together at your company. SLB will go to your office, by the club’s official bus, in order to take and bring these aces to live a unique experience in the Portuguese stadium considered as an icon of modernity, security and comfort.

We contemplate the using of the facilities for four hours: pitch, dressing rooms for both teams and the Presidential Box, for guests. Two hostesses will wait for the group and drive them all around. The match can have the usual length, 90 minutes, it will be up to you and your player’s physical conditions. You will have two dressing rooms available where you will find a customized kit for each one of the participants and where we serve water and fruit. To create the football atmosphere, each team will have, as a coach, a SLB’s old player to help on the creation of an atmosphere of motivation, which every team needs when stepping on the grass.

We will have the presence of a refereeing team, physiotherapists and ball boys, so that it all goes right. Our speaker will help to create the “Glorious” atmosphere as usual, will call the eagle (Vitória), will make the team’s formation and call each one of the participants by microphone and will vibrate with your goals. The sound system and the megascreens will be also available, so the company can prepare contents in order to simulate the stadium’s atmosphere. Our Benfica TV will follow the event and make a remembrance video of this unforgettable moment. We will take care of the insurance for the teams which will be on the pitch.

Maybe someone in the group can assume a leadership position and participate in a motivational talk, with our “glories”, inside the feared press conference room. You can also think about bringing some guests, who will be able to watch the match from the Presidential Box and finish the morning or the afternoon with a fantastic meal in one of our stadium’s exclusive rooms.

We can add many services to your event, such as the requisition of cheerleaders, the manufacturing of exclusive merchandising for the guests, medals, trophies and many other things.

This is just one of the many experiences that we can offer. We are available to provide a comprehensive service in organizing events, tailored to your company and to your dreams. From product presentations, gala dinners, team building activities, plenary sessions, meetings, company and Christmas dinners, among others.

We have a very professional team waiting for you, services of excellency and an unparalleled experience to provide. We are waiting for you!

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