A new stage of emotion for your event


Much more than organising corporate events, Benfica Events creates distinctive experiences in a singular environment.

Our clients play at home. There is a complete flexibility to transform the events of the brands which visit us into something unique, perfectly adapted to the needs, concepts and expectations of each one. New stages of feeling different experiences. The concept of indoor events is extended to a stadium dimension, to the stands, to the pitch.

And being in a sporting environment can bring some emotions which are not felt in other facilities. Nobody can stay indifferent to sports phenomena, to the passion generated, to the lasting memories. All of this may be transported into the events, valuing it.

We transport your company’s identity into our stadium, making it your own! You may have a video of your company on the mega screens, your logo in the center of the pitch, an impressive play of lights and the vibrant sound of our Stadium. We can also add the voice of our speaker to enhance this emotion.

We offer various formations for any kind of event: from a simple meeting to a training initiative, team building activity, product launch, Christmas or Gala dinners, congresses, and seminars. Everything with great professionalism and dedication, sowing experiences and making dreams come true.

We want your company to be the Man of the Match at our stadium.

Benfica Events
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