Algarve: Intelligent Meetings


The Algarve is not only about beaches, although it has some of the best beaches in the world.

There are countless other reasons to pick the South of Portugal for your next event. You might be surprised at this, but one of the best is the intellectual capital of the region. We’ll prove it to you!

Sea and tourism

The University of Algarve is one of the most important educational centres in the region. The institution conducts studies concerning the investigation and development of the area and is closely connected to the ocean. Dedicated to the ocean there are three R&D centres: Centro de Ciências do Mar (CCMAR), Centro de Investigação Tecnológica do Algarve (CINT+AL) and Centro de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental (CIMA), that manage investigation projects, transfer knowledge and are a part of bilateral agreements with some of the best european universities.

Tourism is another of the university's strengths, in a region that has collected this year 13 awards at the World Travel Awards (2016), 12 given to hotels in the region plus the title of Europe’s Leading Beach Destination for the fourth time, and second in a row. Not surprisingly, this is the place where the first Tourism PhD in Portugal was born.


Health is another of the focus areas for the university, with some well known specialists. A couple of them are working to help finding a cure for cancer, a challenging field of work. Here are some examples of the amazing work that is being done in the Algarve.

Beautiful Ria Formosa is saving lives

Halophytes are a plant species that thrives in Ria Formosa's salty terrains. University investigators were able to isolate some molecules in this plant that have shown great potential in fighting kidney cancer.

Using cell communication to destroy cancer

Some investigators at the university are trying to figure out how the building blocks of our bodies, the cells, communicate with each other in order to develop a new cancer therapy, using electric signs. This research was the result of a project to develop an implant that will allow spinal injuries to be healed in less than a month. The group is already hard at work with companies and other european universities to create this implant. Amazing, right?

Biomedical Research Centre (Cbmr)

A group of investigators hailing from CBMR identified a biomarker for melanoma diagnosis that includes a response to chemotherapy treatments. The same group has received good feedback on the role of TRIB2 protein in the onset and progression of breast cancer and therapy resistance.


The University of Algarve has a Centre (CRIA) that houses technological companies, mostly start ups and spin offs. Some of them have made a business in integrated landscape managing. Others grow sturgeon and caviar. A few produce and transform plants for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. There are even those who invest in underwater acoustics or oyster seed production.

What about the hardware?

All this intellectual capital is valuable, it's important not to stick only to ideas. The Algarve has the hardware to turn it into real business for you. Take a look at the MI Brochure of the region:

The Algarve has the venues, DMCs, PCOs, hotels and resorts, transportation, catering, AV, tourism companies and a calendar of events that happen all year round. Moreover, the team at the Convention Bureau is willing to help you with your next event.

And why not meeting at a beautiful place?

We don’t see any reason why not! Work comes first, of course, but you can always take some time in your busy schedule to get to know some of the best beaches in Europe! Or even better, you can take some extra days relaxing in the region. There is an offer for every taste, we guarantee you. If you're meeting at a beautiful place why wouldn't you enjoy it?