Altice Arena with a “very busy” 2018


Altice Arena, which resulted from the Meo Arena rebranding, already has a “very busy” 2018, with events of various types, as Jorge Vinha da Silva, director of this multipurpose room in Lisbon, told Event Point.

"We plan our agenda more and more in advance," he said, highlighting the “Eurovision Song Contest, one of the largest productions that has ever passed through Portugal" that will take place at Altice Arena in May this year.

In addition, the venue is offering "a set of international events of business tourism and international concerts. 2017 was our best year ever and in 2018 we will work so that we continue in this positive cycle," Jorge Vinha da Silva explained.

This venue underwent a rebranding process under the strategy of Altice, owner of Meo, which decided to unify the brands it holds under the headquarters name. Jorge Vinha da Silva assured that this process did not disturb the infrastructure business, located in the Parque das Nações area, and that it can even help.

"What we noticed is that this rebranding was all very fast, we have many events and the public got used to it was very fast. From our point of view it makes sense because we have an increasingly international activity and it is important to be associated with a brand that is international and present in other markets," he added.

For Jorge Vinha da Silva, the proof that the transition was smooth was hosting the "Websummit with more than 50 thousand people, already with the new name".