Altice Forum Braga launches Virtual Tour


A tool that allows you to know the entire venue in detail and that is available to event and congress organisers.

A tool that allows a virtual visit to the venue has been presented by Altice Forum Braga. The Virtual Tour can be accessed through the following link:

This virtual visit was presented to the media on April 17th, via zoom, and was attended, among others, by Braga’s Mayor, Ricardo Rio, and the executive administrator of InvestBraga, the venue management entity, Carlos Silva. According to Ricardo Rio, “the use of the Virtual Tour resource is a pioneer in what concerns the events segment, being an imperative tool in the current context in which we are living, allowing to promote the continuity of Altice Forum Braga’s activity, even while in isolation”. The mayor stresses the realism of this tool and the added value that it can carry to the service of any partner who wants to hold an event at this venue.

Using 360 degrees and HD technologies, InvestBraga offers, from now on, horizontal and vertical panoramic views of the pavilion, the auditoriums and the various rooms and support areas, as well as the main entrance and the entrance through the parking lot of Altice Forum Braga. It is also possible to simulate the implementation of different room types in some of the areas and also having access to the characteristics of all of them with information in each location.

Carlos Silva says that ´the Altice Forum Braga commercial teams may, using this tool, shorten the distance with their customers, recreating the visits they had, now in a virtual environment´. This also allows, in this special condition of teleworking in which we live, to continue presenting the venue and clarifying doubts. One of this project’s goals is also to dematerialise the sales process, by reducing the information sent.

This platform will also evolve to promote virtual exhibitions, in parallel with real ones, and allow visits to the ´Forum Arte Braga´ Art Gallery.

The use of a Virtual Tour also allows people with reduced mobility to know about accessibility of Altice Forum. "The distance will only be physical, because the monitoring will be as close as in the past and this way we are planning the future that is expected to be possible soon", added Carlos Silva.

From the general public point of view, Carlos Silva pointed out that this virtual tour “favours the opportunity to get to know Altice Forum Braga better, since the visitor will be allowed to access the areas freely and observe details that would not normally be noticeable in a visit to a congress, show or fair´.

“In the near future, shows will be lived in either two ways: the traditional way, with physical presence at Altice Forum Braga, in a reduced format of seats, and the virtual way, with the transmission of events in digital form, in partnership with Altice Portugal", said Carlos Silva, adding that InvestBraga is regularly broadcasting shows in Pay-Per-View format, on MEO channels:" This format will also play an important role in the future transmission of culture in Portugal."