Area 47: The ultimate adventure


Event Point’s International MICE Correspondent Ramy Salameh collaborated with, who provided him an Interrail ‘Global Pass’ ticket to explore Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia helping him to discover some of Europe’s hidden MICE gems. During his travels, he had the chance to visually showcase some amazing, quirky and inspiring venues/ incentives. Through our ‘Gallery section’ take a tour of the places and activities that you may not have been aware of, but with the help of ‘Event Point International’ may well plant the seeds of an idea that may take root for your next event. 

‘Spectre’, the James Bond film, was filmed at Soelden in the Oetztal Valley, Tirol, Austria. It’s an amazing place for incentives with a lot to offer. Area 47' (the name sounds like you need to be a secret agent to enter) is in fact Austria’s largest outdoor activity centre. Located between two bridges and two Rivers, the Ache and Inn, and surrounded by epic mountain scenery, ‘Area 47’ is a place to try pretty much any and every heart racing adventure you wish. Perfect for team building, meetings or a budding James Bond! .

1. Area 47 is a 5-acre site in Oetztal, Austria which is a mecca for adrenalin-fueled activities, ideal for 'incentives', meetings and team building

2. View the Lakeside restaurant and Meeting space complex from the top of the waterslide structure, with the River Inn passing by on the left –

3. Chalets and lodges are visible at the opposite end from the restaurant, ideal for team building, meeting and activity stays onsite –

4. Team building activities that requires bravery and spirit –

5. Whitewater rafting, climbing and some 36 other activities are available at

6. Wakeboarding training site before moving onto the Wake Area, with lines spanning 420m –

7. A place where dive stars are born and global cliff diving starts like David Coulturi train –

8. Team relaxation after a day of activities or seminars, in several bars and restaurants within Area 47, such as the wake-boarding Area -


Credits: Ramy Salameh