Business tourists spend $329 a day in Brazil


A study commissioned by Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute) to the Getulio Vargas Foundation shows that the business and events tourist spends an average of $ 329 per day in Brazil.

"With an average stay of seven nights in the country, the majority of interviewees reported that they plan to return - 38.6% in two years at most. The country's image is positive for 74% and, furthermore, 92% complimented on the receptivity of the Brazilian people. This quantitative basis is very important to us," mentioned Vicente Neto, Embratur President.

This survey was conducted over 19 international events between April and September 2014, in five regions of the country. On the whole, 1726 participants were heard. The study shows that the cities most visited by foreign business and events tourists are: Rio de Janeiro (33,4%), São Paulo (16,4%), Manaus (6%), Foz do Iguaçu (5,8%), Belém (4,4%), Salvador (4,3%).

64.4% of respondents said that the fact that the event was held in Brazil positively influenced the decision to participate. 52% admitted that the trip was organized by themselves.

According to Embratur's President, "the research shows the importance of Business and Events Tourism as an effective policy to promote Brazil abroad. The major sports events held confirm, once and for all, the country's vocation as a great international events organizer."