Digital marketing and events


Like any other business, event organisation agencies are increasingly looking to streamline their business making it essential to communicate efficiently with the smallest possible investment.

 Attracting new customers, increasing the ratio of converting proposals into sales, increasing brand awareness, generating engagement and geeting new international clients are some of the objectives that an integrated Digital Marketing strategy can help fulfill.

But that's not all, it is also possible to help your clients achieve success.

By investing in an event it is legitimate that your client intends to get the highest attendance rate possible, engaging with participants and getting a high satisfaction degree, so that guests decide immediately to attend your next event.

It is expected that your client is available to new solutions that can leverage his event's success. This article presents some solutions that you can adopt in the phase preceding your event.


Creating a Landing Page (LP), a website specifically structured for conversion also known as microsite, is vital to your event. An LP should be focused on a particular subject and have a consistent message.

Content should be produced aiming at quick decision-making. Choose to include your event's details, such as description, location, time, speakers or special guests, attendees benefits, trust builders testimonials, awards obtained, among others.

The LP should not have navigation menus to avoid dispersion, with a scrolling function to a strong CTA - Call to Action giving place to the desired conversion.

Ideally, the form should integrate an Email Marketing tool, to trigger an immediate thank-you email.

Then you can automate a set of emails to increase interest and expectation in relation to the event. One week you can send information about the special guests, the following you can reinforce the benefits for participants, etc.

Through Email Marketing platforms you have the possibility to evaluate various metrics such as opening rates and number of clicks, a huge contribution to assess your audience engagement with the content you shared.

Although a first impact may seem technically complex, there are tools that can help you with a small learning curve. Regarding Landing Pages, we recommend Unbounce, LeadPages, Instage or even WordPress.

Regarding Email Marketing, if you choose a multichannel communication (E-mail + Sms) E-goi is a good option, if you choose only email you should consider MailChimp (free up to 2,000 contacts) and for more demanding solutions Active Campaign.

Finally, sponsored campaigns play an important role preparing your event, as is the case of Facebook Ads.

One of the greatest impact strategies in these cases is Remarketing, which consists of showing an ad or set of ads to a specific audience.

In your Facebook Ads account you can upload your guest list by creating a custom audience. The platform will search their contacts in the list and cross them with existing profiles, delivering them the ad and creating a "looks like this ad is following me" effect.

Hélder Pinto
Digital Sapienz Digital Marketing Manager