Find your FOG Factor


One of the determining factors to conquer the world of events is to realise what your true talent, vocation or skill is.

There are enlightened beings, those born with a talent, and there are those who become enlightened, those who have to follow the follow spot and who after many marathons succeed in finding it. They all have something in common, a vital feature that determines the principle of success, the FOG factor (in Portuguese, Faz O que Gostas, meaning Do What You Like).

Do not wonder what others seek or ambition, ask yourself what you have inside you, what diamond you have to show or to perfect. Do not follow your thoughts, which change, but what you are, what defines you, what sets you apart from others, what you really want to be, what you can really give to your work group or your company.

Just by thinking about what you like to do, you're already doing. The secret to your success is simple: find out what you really like to do and channel all your ENERGY in that direction. It does not matter if you are a trainee, if it is your first job, if you already have a lot of experience and you are changing companies or any other form of expression inside and outside the universe of events, the important thing is to focus all your convictions in search for your FOG factor.

If you take a deeper look at great artists, you will find that what motivated them was the challenge, the opportunity to go further, the desire to achieve something great. This is the impulse that has turned them into great legends, and these will be the same reasons that will lead you to achieve your goals.

Remember that by doing what you love, however impossible it may seem, even though it is still in thought, you are already on the way to accomplishment. Think about it, there will never be a copy of you again in this life, you are unique, so go forward with all your conviction and determination, go all-in. The world of events is a big garden, sow the plant you like the most, over time your charisma grows and things start to happen.

Even if you still haven't found your FOG factor, dedicate the maximum amount of your time to do what you like, the clock does not stop, it takes every moment to practice, do it, and do it again. When you set your mind to achieve something, you must show determination and discernment. Remember that persistence is the engine of success, unlike fear, that is the worst feeling a man can have and is attuned to the lowest frequencies in the universe. It can get in your way, and in doing so you will be testing yourself and testing all your inner will that is highly connected with your power of attainment.

Therefore, you do it, so you like it, and by liking it you travel in your dream, you dream and you do not give up, you do what you like!

Paulo Magalhães, PMP Eventos Artistic Director