Four ideas to bear in mind in association events


IT&CM Events shares four tips for improving organisation and engagement in association events.

IT & CM Events has shared four tips for better organisation of association events. The company is responsible for organising IT&CM Asia and IT&CM China and both events have a two-day program that aims to help associations succeed in their events. Here are four tips:


A destination becomes more important if factors such as taxes, accessibility, availability, safety or transport are taken into account. There are a number of factors to consider. Working with a tourism entity or another national organisation can avoid some logistical headaches.

Partnership with the community

Working with the tourism entity to showcase local innovations, associations and businesses, cultural groups - they can impress you with their knowledge and talent, while adding value to the program content.

Providing Engagement

Cultural activities, field trips, networking moments and even the destination's natural environment play a role in giving delegates more than educational or business sessions, allowing knowledge sharing or just socialising among members. Impressions count when it time for decisions comes.

Choosing the same destination

Consider staying in the same destination for a few years in order to reap the benefits and advantages of long-term package negotiation with the host country. Becoming familiar with the needs of the event and delegates' standards gives way to exploring new ideas and adds value rather than replicating the same formula in different countries.