IAPCO and AIPC release research paper on hybrid events


IAPCO and AICP released a research paper on hybrid events, as part of their alliance.

IAPCO and AICP released a research paper on hybrid events, a document that provides an insight on how the industry’s approach to hybrid has evolved, the challenges addressed and the ones still to be tackled, and it offers a view on the possible avenues ahead of us.

The pandemic made the industry go even faster and bolder by creating and implementing digital solutions in record time, but the learning curve in doing so is steep and there is still a lot to do before excellence is delivered in terms of service, business model, experience, etc. Both organisers and convention centres are still in the process of navigating through uncharted territories, learning both from each other and from other stakeholders and even other industries.

This is the key reason why AIPC and IAPCO decided to create a joint research paper on hybrid events, based on input from each other’s member-communities and enriched with valuable insights from other stakeholders in the event value chain.
The paper is the result of more than 30 interviews with industry thought leaders, combined with in-depth research through 30 reports and 75 articles.

“Hybrid gives us opportunities to completely rethink our business models. We can become the Netflix of the events industry, by new audience discovering, bringing content in creative ways and establishing innovative pricing models. This paper is a great source of inspiration for doing so”, says Greg O’Dell, President of AIPC.
This was echoed by Ori Lahav, President of IAPCO: “The hybrid market, to the extent that one can call it really new, is still ill-defined, and that many clients and venues are still struggling with giving hybrid a place. It is the role and responsibility of our associations to provide our communities with insights and guidance on how to embrace this new reality”.

The research is available online