IFEMA launches a new tool that allows users to make virtual tours of its facilities


This technology will enable event organisers, suppliers and exhibitors to see inside the rooms and halls at Feria de Madrid and spaces in IFEMA Palacio Municipal, providing a 360º view via Google Street View

IFEMA has launched a new digital tool that gives a 360-degree view of spaces, rooms and halls at both Feria de Madrid and IFEMA Palacio Municipal.

The technology allows users to see the spaces where they would like hold their events, without having to travel, through an online connection and on any device.

With help from recorridovirtual.es, IFEMA has reproduced all the spaces at its Feria de Madrid venue, including the 200,000 m2 of indoor exhibition areas, as well as the nearly one hundred rooms and outdoor areas. In the case of IFEMA Palacio Municipal, work is continuing to allow users to take a digital tour of the entire site using the solution.

This technology will also enable IFEMA customers to book and reserve spaces, without having to travel to the site in person, benefiting from comprehensive advice throughout the process, which they would usually receive from the institution's staff.

You can check the tools here:

Virtual tour of IFEMA Feria de Madrid

Virtual tour of IFEMA Palacio Municipal