Lisbon holds on to ICCA's top 10


The Portuguese capital keeps the same position in ICCA's ranking, led by Barcelona.

Lisbon kept the 9th place in ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association)'s cities ranking published last Monday (7th May), referring to the year 2017. In the countries ranking, Portugal moved from the 10th to the 11th place.

In terms of cities, Barcelona holds the first place, with 195 events held in 2017, surpassing Paris and Vienna. The top 3 cities are followed by Berlin, London, Madrid, Singapore, Madrid, Prague, Lisbon and Seoul. The Portuguese capital ended 2017 with 149 meetings.

Cascais went up 26 places, now occupying the 108th position, compared to the 134th place in 2016. The region hosted 24 meetings in 2017. Porto lost three places in the same ranking, now ranking 34th, with 68 events. Coimbra, receiving 10 meetings, appears in the 133rd position, while Faro and Funchal occupy ex-aequo the 358th place in the world. Ponta Delgada holds the 406th position.

Regarding countries, the United States ranks first, with 941 meetings, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom. Portugal dropped to 11th – it was 10th in 2016 - with 298 events.

In this ranking are considered events that take place on a rotational basis between countries, and with an audience of at least 50 participants.