Lisbon hosts the IACC Europe Knowledge Festival 2018


The event will take place at Dolce CampoReal, from 5th to 7th October.

Workshops, presentations and debates are some of the activities that make up the IACC Europe Knowledge Festival 2018, which will take place at Dolce CampoReal, in Lisbon, from the 5th to the 7th of October. With this meeting, IACC, an association that represents the small and medium venues focused on the meetings industry, aims to bring together professionals from all over the world to share ideas and experiences, with networking moments.

The event features researcher David Hyner as its keynote speaker, who will give a presentation under the topic 'Smart' goals do not work! ... The massive goal principle". Other workshops and debates are "Third party engagement - the great debate " (with Alan Newton and Pieter Allaert), "How to stay calm in a crisis" (Ken Kelling), "Virtual reality: an accessible game chagner in the events industry" (Sandy Hammer), "How important is storytelling for venue sales & customer loyalty" (Alan Newton), "Food for thought: menu trends in menu design" (Mark Cooper), among other sessions.

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