Nazarépic, a technological solution to promote Nazaré


This free application will bring together elements such as legends, surfing and traditions.
It is an augmented reality solution with contents to promote the most iconic symbols of Nazaré. Nazarépic is an application, launched by Altice Arena and the local authority, which aims to strengthen local tourism development and capitalise on the region's cultural potential.
Legends, characters, landscape, history, waves, traditions - everything will be combined in this application, addressed to visitors of San Miguel Arcanjo Fort, making the municipality's culture and identity known. From the virtual elements available in this free download app, the highlights are the "wave" and the "cannon" of Nazaré, history names such as D. Sebastião or D. Pedro IV, the German submarine sunk off Nazaré coast surfers like Garrett McNamara.
"Solutions such as Nazarépic materialise Altice Portugal's ability to diversify its strategic business portfolio, which includes Information and Communication Technologies solutions, within which this app is inserted, as well as Business Process Outsourcing and, of course, Telecommunications. With this proud partnership established with the Municipality of Nazaré, Altice Portugal puts technology at the service of one of the most vital heritages in any country, its historical and cultural heritage," said João Sousa, member of the Executive Committee of Altice Portugal.
For Walter Chicharro, mayor of Nazaré, "it is a privilege to count on Altice Portugal as a reference partner in this essential technological operation in valuing Nazaré, which, I am sure, will contribute even more to capitalise on this region's existing prestige both nationally and interationally."
Nazarépic was designed specifically for Nazaré by PT Empresas, Altice Portugal's brand with the business segment, along with Laranja Mecânica agency.