O2 Arena in Prague to add congress centre


It opened in 2004 and the project is now expanding.

The O2 Arena in Prague intends to add other valences to the venue, which receives mainly shows, but also corporate events and some congresses. It is also home to one of the leading ice hockey teams in Prague. To host more events, and of a more varied nature, steps have been taken for the construction of a congress centre and a multipurpose room. The opening is scheduled for the summer of next year and in 2020 there are already conferences booked at the new centre. The complex will be called O2 Universum. In the same year, Betsport, the venue's owner and manager, hopes to strengthen the complex with a four star hotel with 300 bedrooms.

O2 Universum will be connected to the arena, greatly increasing the available event area.

Some numbers:

O2 Universum

13,000 sqm of commercial area

10,000 people of capacity

3 rooms with capacity for more than 1,000 people

14-21 halls (depending on the setting)

O2 Arena

5,400 sqm

Capacity for 20,000 people in concerts

Capacity for 17,400 people in sports events

Capacity for 15,000 people in corporate events

Hosts on average 90-120 events per year

10 restaurants


Cláudia Coutinho de Sousa *

* Travelled on Prague's Convention Bureau invitation