Porto climbs up ICCA ranking


Porto was the Portuguese star destination in the 2014 ICCA ranking, as it went up by three positions, from the 46th to the 43rd, hosting a total of 57 meetings in 2014. Porto has been growing in this ranking since 2010. Lisbon, Estoril and Portugal went down in the rankings. Lisbon left the top 10 (9th place to 12th, with 109 meetings) and Estoril fell 73 positions to the 190th place. In general terms, Portugal has fallen from the 13th to the 15th destination worldwide, with a total of 229 meetings.

In a press release, Porto Tourism Association (ATP) points out that "these indicators have shown that the strategy and the work that have been developed by ATP in close partnership with private companies in the sector are achieving very positive results", said Rui Moreira, ATP and the Municipality of Porto President. He already outlines the objectives for the future, which include "overcoming once more next year this rise of Porto in ICCA's world ranking." "To achieve this, we are counting on the contribution, in the short / medium term, of new infrastructure in the city, including the new congress centre in Pavilhão Rosa Mota, in addition to attracting new direct air connection to Porto," he highlights.

In terms of city ranking, Paris continues to lead, followed by Vienna and Madrid. From the country perspective, the United States stand out widely. Germany and Spain complete the top 3

This ranking includes meetings held on a regular basis, with over 50 delegates and which rotate through at least three countries.