The Event Impact Score, a tool to measure the value of events


Lévénement, a French association of event and communication agencies, and Nielsen, a data measurement and analysis company, presented The Event Impac Score®
This is a tool to measure events' value and effectiveness, assessing their performance and giving them a score. Given this industry's importance, partners felt it was crucial to measure and quantify the impact of events so business managers understood their benefits. Thus, this tool was developed and can be applied to any type of event (depending on its size and type of audience - B2B, B2C and corporate event). It analyses audience perception, digital resonance and the value of media exposure, gathering all these details in a single score, so that events can be compared.
"We wanted to provide this industry with a credible tool that would allow us to measure the value of an event and turn that into numbers. This way, managements will better understand what events can offer to their communication strategies," commented Arnaud Peyroles and Thomas Deloubriere, Lévénement, in a statement.
Raphael Proult, Media Business Director in Nielsen's French unit, and Pierre-Emmanuel Davin, French Managing Director in Nielsen Sports & Entertainment, pointed out that "Lévénement's stated need to have a tool that measures effectiveness of any kind shows that communication and marketing departments are transforming, putting data at the centre of corporate decisions."