Tooizy for exhibitions


Thinking about the companies that communicate in exhibitions and events, the Portuguese brand Tooizy launched a range of inflatable stands. This solution was born to fill the need to reduce costs and optimize resources and logistics in the communications activities of many small and medium-sized enterprises, especially today, when they have to participate in various events. "The possibility of having a booth or stand that is inexpensive, fast to assemble and disassemble, able to be carried inside a backpack, radically changes the paradigm of communication at events," refers Frederico Ferreira from Tooizy. The feedback has been "excellent" and it does not go unnoticed. "We have been highly requested to accomplish Tooizy product demonstrations all over the country [Portugal], resulting in an excellent receptiveness," adds. 

At this time, the brand has two product options, Hexa and Custom. Hexa models are modular, shortening or growing according to the space. Made of nylon 190 g / m2, they are easy to clean and highly durable. "Tooizy is an “Air Design" concept, which entails the construction of our products in sealed inflatable materials. For now, they are always built with inflatable tubular profile, which gives them a unique look. They are very resistant products, don’t need maintenance and have high flexibility." They are available in various colours or with images or patterns chosen by the customer. 

What about the cost? "In a standard configuration, the most inexpensive solution is around €1800 and the most expensive one is €8000. Nevertheless, we provide our customers the ability to envision, design and build from scratch a fully customized stand. In this case, valuesmay be slightly higher," concludes Frederico Ferreira. The stands are sold through the website