Btrust: “High culture of service”


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Sónia Brochado, head of Btrust, reviews the positive expectations for the coming months, despite the uncertainty caused by the covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. And she summarises the reasons behind this optimism.

“When we think of Portugal as a destination for international events, there are several arguments that are immediate”, begins by referring to Sónia Brochado, founder of Btrust, a company specialised in staff and event management. “The fantastic climate, an incredible gastronomic culture, with a very varied food, able to please everyone, the security - we are the third safest country in the world -, the versatility of venues - we can hold events in a monastery, in a castle, next to the river or the sea, in the city, in the midst of nature - we are a country of golf, sea, river, with very transversal solutions. And we have a refined service culture, of great professionalism, to which is added the mastery of other languages: English, Spanish, French, but also German, Italian, etc.” Brochado also highlights the UN’s sustainability factors, which they always seek to incorporate into what they do: social inclusion, local ingredients in catering, uniforms with Portuguese design and confection… small examples of how change is possible.

Since 2016, Btrust organises events in Portugal and in other countries. “We have the cultural understanding, the practice of including different nationalities in our teams. And we try to think in a sustainable way, taking these concerns to the events we organise”, says Sónia Brochado. The company belongs to the so-called Positive Impact, a movement that emerged at COP26, and is one of its ambassadors.

10 thousand people ready

Btrust has a database with 10 thousand people qualified to work in this area of events, as managers or in other functions, whether in Portugal or abroad. The company also integrates a wide network of other agencies, spread across the planet, which makes it easy to set up operations anywhere. “For all this, and because we are very routine in this type of work, we are also able to be competitive in terms of budgets”, highlights Sónia Brochado, “while maintaining our quality of service”.

2022: Very positive outlook

Despite the effects of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, events and brand activations are on the rise. “The start of the year was very strong, and we are counting on an even stronger second semester, as is usual in our case, even considering the works that are already confirmed for that time”.The costs have increased, of course, with travel, with stays, but the founder of Btrust highlights the need to have a plan b, and a c and a d…. “There are still many cases of covid, although with less serious consequences, but which still momentarily prevent infected people from working”. The biggest concern is always “to maintain the levels of quality of service, with excellence, and the speed of response from Btrust”. At the same time, it is about being able to implement a career development project, in which clients can gain autonomy, and choose the teams they want to work with.

Sónia Brochado reinforces the idea of, through events, helping to implement the UN sustainability principles, incorporating principles such as social inclusion, the use of more environmentally friendly materials, mobility with less impact, poverty reduction, etc.

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