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Endulge yourself with a traditional Portuguese pudding made by Chef Paulo Fernandes.

The Abade de Priscos pudding is one of the most popular sweets in Portugal. The Abade de Priscos, or Manuel Joaquim Machado Rebelo, was an abbot of the parish of Priscos, in Braga, and an important gastronome of the 19th century, who stood out for some famous recipes. Few have reached the present day, with the pudding being the most famous. In history, this pudding was served at the most important ceremonies and banquets and is still considered a fine delicacy today.

Inspired by this recipe, Chef Paulo Fernandes created Pudim da TV and made it acessible for all.

The project was born with the pandemic, but the taste for cooking comes from afar. Since childhood, Chef Paulo Fernandes remembers having a sweet tooth. Legend has it that his grandfather had puddings made on purpose for the child, such was his passion for this sweet. A passion that takes on a life of its own with the creation of the Pudim da TV brand that is now available in Portugal and abroad.

Pudding Abade de Priscos

Caramel for the pudding pan (16cm)

• 200 g sugar

• 200 ml water


• 500 g sugar

• 500 ml water

• 25 g pork belly / bacon

• 1 cinnamon stick

• 1 lemon peel

• 15 egg yolks

• 60 ml port wine


1 - Pour the water and sugar in a kettle and let it boil until it turns golden - caramel. Pour into the pan at the centre and rotate to spread all over the base and walls sides. Allow to cool.

2 - In a pan, pour the water, sugar, the pork belly/bacon, the cinnamon stick and the lemon peel. Let everything boil until the syrup temperature reaches 103 degrees Celsius.

3 - Meanwhile, pour the 15 yolks through a strainer into a glass and add the port wine without mixing too much.

4 - When the mix is ready, slowly pour it into the yolk bowl using a strainer. Keep stirring.

5 - Pour the mix in the caramelised pan, cover with parchment paper and aluminum for a good insulation, close with the lid and place in a pot to cook in a water bath for 45 minutes.

6 - Remove the tin from the pan and rinse so that water does not fall into the pan when uncovering. Leave to cool uncovered.

7 - Place an inverted plate on top of the pan and turn everything at the same time to

unmold the pudding. It’s ready to serve.

Tip: if when unmolding the pudding it doesn’t naturally slip out of the mold, put it in a pan with hot water for about 2 minutes for the walls to heat up and the caramel liquefy a little.