Portuguese Technology Companies Prove Attentive to the MICE Industry


The events sector has become increasingly important in Portugal and organisers are more attentive to technologies that can help planning and executing their events. Because of this, technological companies are responding with tools and Portuguese applications in increasing numbers. We have drawn up a list of these tools.


Embly digital tool allows you to perform tasks such as event promotion through email marketing, final reports on participation at every moment, type of information consulted and downloaded documents, engagement rates, interaction profiles of participants and topics that generated most interest. Embly also performs check ins and helps participants and promoters keeping in contact throughout the event. It is a Bliss company project and it has been used in a marketing event in São Paulo and the international conference on Open Data Science, held in Boston a month ago.


This application is a kind of social media dedicated to events. Zappeo allows "zapping" people around you, allowing you to easily discover people during meetings in real time and it also provides access to social media like Linkedin. The purpose of this application developed by Spark Agency is to interact with other participants in face-to-face meetings.


-M-Events created the M-box, which are identifiers that allow you to monitor each participant steps in events, so as to enable the organiser to constantly receive the information, which may make the event more effective.


In the public events area, it recently came onlinethe Sticket.in platform, that allows you to add concert, festival, theater or sports tickets for sale, purchase, exchange and offer. To use the service, you simply have to register on the site and choose the best deal.

Sticket.in is a startup from the city of Braga and it fights a many primary ticket offices problem, which is not offering a refund service, letting down users when, for some reason, they can not attend the event for which they bought their ticket.