Algarve is choice destination for international teams traineeships


International teams of different sports choose the region for their sports training.

The Algarve has been establishing itself in recent years as a destination of choice for teams and international teams who choose the region for their sports training. According to Associação Turismo do Algarve (ATA, the Tourism Association of the Algarve), this choice is motivated by the weather, security and privacy, as well as by the "growing supply of excellent infrastructure and services", which meet professional teams' needs and standards.

"Aware of the strategic importance of this segment, entrepreneurs in the region are investing and taking advantage of the excellent natural conditions this destination offers, with already structured products exclusively aimed at this public," explains Dora Coelho, Executive Director of ATA, the agency responsible for promoting the region's tourism to foreign markets, in a statement.

"The current offer is very diversified and high quality, encompassing a series of specific requirements such as natural grass training pitches, with FIFA approved dimensions, fully equipped gyms, wellness areas or customised menus specifically designed for the athletes' needs, just to mention a few aspects. All this complemented by a relaxing atmosphere where the proximity to the sea and the beaches, as well as surrounding green areas, are a differentiating factor that also leads to activities such as hiking, jogging, cycling, golf, tennis or water sports," she adds.

Among the national teams that have already chosen the Algarve are Germany, Netherlands, Nigeria, Uruguay, Qatar and China, and football teams such as Bayern Munich, Kiev Dynamo, St. Petersburg Zenit, Olympique Marseille, Glasgow Celtic and Aston Villa. But football teams aren't the only ones choosing the Algarve. According to ATA, the region has been hosting traineeships of sports like rugby, athletics and cycling.