Azores trails available in new platform


The Azores Islands are known for their natural beauty and the region has multiple trails available for visitors. Finding and choosing one of them will now be easier, at the Portuguese Trails online platform, with information and content available in five different languages.

Including the Azores in this platform, managed by Turismo de Portugal (the national tourism bureau) in collaboration with the Regional Government of the Azores, allows for the promotion of the pedestrian routes regional network, something associated with the active enjoyment of Nature.

According to the local authorities, “this is an anchor tool, not only for walking, but also cycling, with Biking Azores highlighted as a set of cycling routes in the islands of Pico, Terceira, Santa Maria and São Miguel. The offer is complemented by 19 accommodation units and 31 business programs, of which 10 are cycling and 21 are walking trails”.

The idea is, in a single platform, for users to find information about trails in the Azores, on foot or by bicycle, as well as information about accommodation, activities, shops, workshops, and suggestions of local experiences, mainly targetting cyclists and hikers.

In addition to the Azores, the Portuguese regions of Algarve, Centro and Alentejo are also represented, in a total of 25 cycling trails and 379 walking ones.

The Azores islands currently offer 674 kilometres of approved trails, with 78 Small Routes and 5 Grand Routes, part of the Walks Regional Network.

Madeira island is also promoting the Portuguese Trail platform to its local players.