Global DMC Partners shares country-by-country updates with the MICE Industry


The network is compiling that serves as the go-to resource for meeting and event planners operating in the new normal.

To support meetings and events during this critical moment in the industry’s history, Global DMC Partners (GDP), global network of independently owned destination management companies (DMCs) has tapped its destination experts from around the world to provide timely updates on the latest guidelines and restrictions surrounding COVID-19. GDP has compiled the data and will provide weekly updates, freely available to all, at this link.

“The only thing that is certain during this time of uncertainty is change,” said Global DMC Partners President and CEO Catherine Chaulet. “At GDP we wanted to do our part to help the industry by pulling together our global resources and sharing the latest information for each destination. By having one go-to source of information, meeting and event planners can focus their time and energy on their programs’ stakeholders and attendees. As trusted, on-the-ground experts, DMCs are more valuable than ever before, and we are proud to lead this initiative to help our industry rebound and recover.” 

The data collected by GDP is presented by region (Africa, APAC, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, the United States and Canada) and then by country or state/province, along with the date of the update. Each destination has been asked to supply the following valuable information for meeting planners:

  • When will the destination be out of confinement/expected to be out of confinement?

  • When are hotels opening?

  • When are restaurants opening?

  • When are groups going to be allowed to meet?

  • And for how many people? 

  • When are your borders opening? 

  • Which countries are being allowed? 

  • Are there country restrictions? 

  • What are the criteria for international travelers to enter the country?  

  • What safety and health protocols are being implemented at the airport(s)? 

  • What percentage of normal flights is coming into the destination?

  • When are flights expected to be fully operational?

In addition to these data, Global DMC Partners has developed a Health & Sanitation Standards document, which is also available to meeting planners at the following link: