Insglück has a new owner


The German events company is looking to grow.

Insglück has gained a new owner in RSBG SE, the Essen-based holding company of RAG-Stiftung, which was founded in 2014. This new partnership will enable the agency to focus on building its creative and digital competence, international expansion and the active development new areas of business.

“The investment consolidates our event market strategy. insglück is the number one in the German Event Creative Ranking and a strong agency with 20 years of experience in the business. We were very impressed by insglück’s diversified product portfolio, particularly its creative strength combined with digital and event production expertise. insglück’s long-serving, diverse management team, its values and its culture are a very good match with our own,” said Peter Geisler, Investment Director at RSBG SE.

Detlef Wintzen, CEO of insglück shares that sentiment: “A perfect fit! RSBG SE is a dependable partner with a long-term approach to strategic planning. This will enable us to achieve growth and build our sustainability. Our name and line-up will remain the same going forward: the established insglück team and the existing management. The only difference is that we now have the backing of a powerful holding company. We will be building our core business with creative and innovative live and digital events, as well as proactively developing new business opportunities in the spatial experience and urban entertainment segments.“



© insglück / photographer: Stefan Wieland