Mlýnec Restaurant: a gastronomic experience in Prague


With a magnificent view over the Karlov Bridge, Mlýnec Restaurant serves typical Czech food with a modern touch.

Mlýnec opened in 2000, having been renewed this year. Its fully open kitchen is one of the highlights of this restaurant, that features on the city's Tripadvisor top. With 276 seats of maximum capacity, this restaurant, under the responsibility of Zátisi Catering Group, prides itself on providing a high level of service. The room can also be rented exclusively for events, corporate or private. In fact, the corporate market is important for Mlýnec, corresponding to 15% of its customers. 35% of its reservations are made through travel agencies.

When Event Point tried its menu, they were in full asparagus season, so this ingredient played a prominent role in the dishes, including dessert (!). The food experience was probably the best on this four-day trip to Prague.


Cláudia Coutinho de Sousa *

* Travelled on Prague's Convention Bureau invitation