Portuguese airports with free unlimited wi-fi


Vinci Airports, manager of the Portuguese airports, offers from this June on a new free and unlimited wi-fi service at their airports in Portugal.

In a statement, the company informs that the unlimited wi-fi service intends to meet a strong need for passenger connectivity at airports. This service contributes directly to their well-being and comfort, improving the customer experience.

To make the access to this service easier, Vinci Airports decided to implement a simple connection system through a short form, avoiding software download. Passengers can now freely surf the Internet since arriving until boarding.

In the words of Nicolas Notebaert, Vinci Airports President, "We are pleased to offer our passengers free and unlimited access to the wi-fi service in the Vinci Airports network. This service demonstrates our innovation policy to customer service in a process of continuous improvement of your experience at our airports. It is a strong sign of the digitisation of our hub airports. This dimension is part of our offers."

The wi-fi service is operated in partnership with Nomosphere, specialised operator in wireless networks.