Sweatworking: companies that train and sweat together are successful


Here we have the latest emerging trend.

Here we have the latest emerging trend. Born in the United States, it quickly entered Europe via the United Kingdom and now arrives to Portugal: the Sweatworking fashion, consisting of exercising and sweating with customers or colleagues. It is, so to speak, a new way of networking, connecting people, fostering relationships and taking that advantage also for business.

A quick search by #sweatworking leads to a number of articles about this trend that is generalising. This is not premeditated, but something that comes as a result of those who love sports and live with a typical schedule of this century. Let us look at this phenomenon, which for many of us is a common practice, but with the spread of running, gyms, functional training and adventure sports, now has, I would say, a universal base for recruitment.

It is important to be aware that this is a global phenomenon and, in what it is concerned, Portugal is perfectly updated. The world recognises today the importance of sport, as do also companies and their decision makers, who are aware of the regular exercise benefits with every advantage in life, health, welfare and professional performance. Teams trained and used to sweat together are synonym of successful companies.

Sports have many advantages and the power to connect people, to be an icebreaker and social unifying. In sports classes are diluted, hierarchies blend, races and religions wear the same sweater. Sebastian Coe, chairman of the London Olympic Games, tells us: "As a former athlete and now an administrator, I am absolutely convinced about the positive role of sport and its unique ability to touch many different aspects of our lives and our communities".

In a sports environment, we free ourselves from the covers and make-up that society naturally imposes us, we return to our original state, we go back to when we were eight or ten years old and we picked our team to play football, we are again Manel, the Lefty or the fat goaleeper. And as paradoxical as it may seem, the cleaning of this cosmetic favours business. Nothing rings more true than "people buy people", and when we establish a relationship of trust and transparency everything becomes easier. This is true in life and in the business world alike. We live in a time when we question less and less the mix between personal and professional life. It makes sense that this happens, because if we are looking for a job that we truly feel passionate about, it turns out natural not to separate the two.

We now have an increasingly accelerated life, full with multitasking. It is not better or worse, it is just typical these days, and it is not worth it to complain, only to adjust. We have meetings on Skype during lunch break, important businesses are made driving at 140 km/h on the motorway, and WhatsApp came to fill that our so-called slow or dead time. It's great to live in this time and to be connected to the world with this intensity.

Another wonderful aspect of this Sweatworking concept is getting the heart to beat in a professional contact environment, which allows a level of concentration and freedom that frees the imagination, unlike the formal face to face in meeting rooms. Several studies point to the benefits and brain performance improvement with cardio-respiratory activities. A Meeting Run is ideal for brainstorming or creation sessions. But many people question whether it is possible to run and talk. It is not only possible, it is desirable. Anyone who is thinking and speaking forgets he is running!

Let's not feel astonished if soon Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar present a "Meeting Run" button on their calendars! For all this, Sweatworking is a trending expression, for taking good advantage from this scarce item that is our time. The same happens in the human domain, for the relevance people assume in companies for how decisive relationship issues are for the organisations and businesses development.

This is the shared vision at sports by tlc agency, where we fully invest in the sport strength to activate brands close to their consumers and propose solutions to develop people and relationships within organisations.
Sports by tlc is developing a major event: the B2RUN – The Companies Race, coming in September to MEO Arena in Lisbon. It gives shape to much of what I wrote here, a Corporate Run model that really did not exist in Portugal and that will challenge all companies in the domestic market to bring their teams, wear its shirt and know the power of Sweatworking. The great secret is to start.

Have a good training, better business and invite me for a Meeting Run.

By Lourenço Cardoso Menezes, Sports by tlc Director