The Meetings Show announces 'keynote speakers'


Colin Maclachlan and Carl Miller are the guest speakers at the event, which will be held June 26th and 27th in London.

Colin Maclachlan, a former operative of SAS - Special Air Service, and Carl Miller, digital specialist, are the keynote speakers announced by The Meetings Show, taking place on June 26th and 27th at Olympia London.

The educational program of The Meetings Show will kick off with a talk by Colin Maclachlan, who also starred in the "SAS: who dares wins" and "Secrets of the SAS" shows. The former SAS operative will use its expertise to talk about safety and risk, the importance of emotional resilience, leadership, teamwork, motivation and performance.

"You would be surprised at some of the similarities [between a battlefield and the meetings industry], such as working as a team, working for certain goals, fear of failure, constant effort to improve, etc. My talk will be a walk through my life and adventures and the message I hope to pass is that we can improve constantly and that mental strength is not something that is born with us, we can train our minds how we can train our bodies," Colin Maclachlan says.

Carl Miller is a technology researcher, co-founder of the Center for the Analysis of Social Media and a specialist in the influence of digital technology in modern society. Carl Miller will take the stage on the second day of the event for a session entitled 'The changing digital landscape'.

"I'll be talking about what really shapes our lives in the digital age; the companies we work in, the media we read, the policies we have, how war is waged, the crimes we experience. Event professionals have the most impressive opportunities at their fingertips. This is a moment full of potential and wonders that we just have to reach out for and understand," Carl Miller says.

Colin Maclachlan and Carl Miller are the keynote speakers at The Bigger Picture, one of seven educational venues: Sharpening Your Event Skills, Creating and Communicating the Vision, Textbook Planning, Making Your Events Memorable, Getting People There, The Bigger Picture, and The Pat on the Back.