The “Other” Algarve: An off the beaten track menu of eco-activities


You already know the Algarve is packed with sun, sea, good food and great hotels. But if you take some time to get to know the luminous South, you will find hidden gems in the unlikeliest of places.

Why not come to the Algarve and visit a cork factory on your way to the beach? Or perhaps go on a tour, after a busy work day, to find natural pigments and learn how they are used to produce paint. What about a visit to an organic herbs plantation and other out of the box Eco-activities? The locals are harnessing the potential of their history, culture and traditions to offer sustainable tourism ideas and tours to those willing to know a little more about the region’s people and their way of life. And the companies doing so are part of a new wave of tourism, that aims to showcase the “other” Algarve, never losing sight of the region’s sun drenched identity.

Barroca Produtos Culturais e Turísticos

Algarve is a coloured land, of ancient tales and crafts, and “Barroca produtos culturais e turísticos”, a local company, would like to take you on a journey to meet this region’s history and culture’s idiosyncrasies. Check out a tour to find pigments in nature and see how they are turned into vibrant paints, or come on an astronomical trip in an unexpected location. The idea here is to develop cultural and touristic products, with Algarve’s history and culture in mind. And to showcase themed cultural courses that will take you to different spots in this region, in parallel with original tourism experiences, that never lose sight of values such as identity and sustainability.

8100-602 Querença


Tel. (+351) 964 782 463

Dias de Aromas

The taste of herbs is a permanent fixture of Portuguese cuisine and Dias de Aromas wants to showcase the best of Algarve’s agriculture to curious tourists. A recently open organic herbs plantation, off the region’s coast line, this sustainable company grows teas and herbs in a chemical-free fashion. Visit the estate as you learn about the plants and their medicinal uses and take in the fresh and spicy aromas while you do it.

Cerro do Monteiro - Murta Caminho Agrícola dos Poços

8005-506 Estoi


Tel. (+351) 919 623 080


Cork products are an increasing fashion trend all over the world. Have you ever wondered how they come to be? Take the Novacortiça Cork Factory Tour, in the Algarve’s São Brás de Alportel and find out. And while you are there discover why cork is ranked among the best materials provided by nature. The company excels by using technological innovation and by providing the discs that feature in the stoppers of the best sparkling wines in the world. The factory hosts individual visitors and groups. Rest a little from your sun-drenching tour programs and go for a tour at Novacortiça. It’s an unforgettable experience. And don't just take their word for it, check Tripadvisor reviews as well.

Parque Industrial, Sítio da Barracha, Apartado 39 Cx.Postal nº610-A

8150-017 S. Brás de Alportel

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Proactivetur isn’t just a traditional travel agency. This young company, based in Loulé, also provides consultancy services in local development projects, promoting crafts, rural environment and entrepreneurship. Even with all this community work, the company still finds the time to organise walking tours, bird watching and creative experiences with a focus on local culture and social activities with villages. Proactivetur also supports several environmental, cultural and social causes and is an active partner in various projects, regionally and nationally, with award-wining initiatives.

Rua Rainha D. Leonor, 72 R/C

8100-617 Loulé


Tel.(+351) 966 132 662

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