Turismo de Portugal launches website for cycling and walking


Turismo de Portugal (TP) is launching a website dedicated to the domestic supply of "Cycling" and "Walking" (bicycle and hiking) to position the country as an international destination of excellence in this kind of tourist experiences.

The platform, www.portuguesetrails.com, kicked off with the Algarve region, including "more than 140 bike paths and walking tours, 111 companies designated bike & walk friendly and about 60 programs aimed at national and international tourists", according to TP’s website. In 2018 the remaining regions of the country will also be present on the platform, which features five languages and is "one of the actions of the Portuguese Trails project that Turismo de Portugal is developing in partnership with the seven tourism regions of the country and with the inter-municipal communities, associations and companies, in a concerted action between public and private entities," TP commented.

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