Tourists Feel Safe in Lisbon


Safety is always an important criterion when choosing a destination, whether for leisure or business. Lisbon is considered a safe destination for 98 percent of tourists who visit it, according to a safety survey by the Observatório do Turismo de Lisboa (Lisbon Tourism Observatory - OTL). The study was conducted in August and September this year.

According to the analysed data, 96 percent of the enquired foreign tourists feel safe in Lisbon and 75 percent feel confident about reaching for the police, if necessary. The study also shows that the choice of Lisbon as a tourist destination was peaceful in terms of security and that only 0.2 percent of foreign respondents felt less safe than in their place of residence.

The survey was led by market research company 2ii - Informática e Informação Lda, with a sample of 600 foreign and domestic tourists. Regarding the foreigners, more than half of respondents (55 percent) was visiting Lisbon for the first time and 79 percent was doing so on "Holiday, Leisure and Recreation."

About the sociodemographic characteristics of the sample, 77 percent were male and aged between 55 to 64 years old (32.6 percent).