Zezo Carvalho to speak at COCAL


Speakers at the XXXII Congresso da Federação de Entidades Organizadoras de Congressos e Afins da América Latina (Congress of Latin American Congress Organizing Entities  ) - COCAL began to be announced and the first name is Zezo Carvalho. The Brazilian, who lives in Portugal, founded Trendz company and has a long experience in communication and events sector. Zezo Carvalho's workshop on Creativity and Innovation in Events is “Inovar ou Morrer!” (Innovate or Die).

The event will be held at Florianopolis Resort in Florianopolis, from 5th to 7th March. Zezo Carvalho intervention is on 6th March. More information and registration at www.cocal2015floripa.org.