Why can’t travelling be creative?


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“Creative travelling” is becoming a trend for those who like to get to know their chosen destination with a little more depth and interact with local traditional activities.

In the Algarve, there are many options to choose from if you want a better understanding of local crafts, gastronomy and other unique activities. You can pick olives and oranges, learn how to shop for and cook the traditional “cataplana”, paint tiles or learn pottery.

Loulé City Hall is one the Algarve´s creative tourism pioneers, with programs dating back to 2015, through the “Loulé Criativo” initiative. The activities are season oriented, to take advantage of local traditions. In February, blooming almond trees paint the fields with pink and white tones, perfect for a walk only available once a year. In September, visitors can pick grapes for wine making, and in October try their hand at olive picking, to produce olive oil.

Loulé City Hall partners with local producers, craft artists and restaurants for tile painting experiences and a clock making lesson. Cardboard furniture manufacturing is one of the most original activities, as is a visit to a “cataplana” artisan. In this copper shell-shaped kitchen utensil delicious meals can be cooked, slowly and at low temperatures.

Local companies are also tapping the potential of creative tourism. Algarve Treasures’ managing director, Vanda Lopes, says the company’s mission is to share with tourists “what local people do on a day to day basis”, and “interact with these activities directly”.

With that in mind, Algarve Treasures has all kinds of offers, including pottery workshops, cooking and homemade bread baking classes. The company also boasts of visits to salt pans in Ria Formosa and to a traditional canned fish factory, a local delicacy. Historical and boat tours are also available.

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© Algarve Treasures

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© Algarve Treasures

Some of the local businesses are also teaming up for the Algarve Craft and Food Initiative. João Amaro, the self-titled “Executive Dreamer” at Tertúlia Algarvia Restaurant is betting on the success of this project.

“The main idea is to create 10 new creative tourism products, that combine gastronomy and crafts”, he claimed.

“One idea is to visit a “cataplana” maker in Loulé and then have a cooking lesson with this particular pan”, according to João Amaro. For now, the project is still in its early stages, due to the pandemic, but it is starting to take shape, with partnering chefs and craft artists.

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© Tertúlia Algarvia Restaurant

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Cover Photo: © Tertúlia Algarvia Restaurant