BEA World launches ‘A Call for Ukraine’



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The goal is to help Ukrainian event professionals.

‘A Call for Ukraine’ is now up and running. The platform, organised by BEA World, can be found at It allows European agencies to share remote and/or on-site job offers, with the prospect of making food, accommodation, and/or a salary available where possible, as well as providing Ukrainian professionals in difficulty the opportunity to submit their candidacies.

It will be possible in this platform to insert one's professional role in the Apply for a job section, indicating the possibility of working remotely or requesting accommodation. At the same time, the agency/company will be able to insert sought roles and employment conditions in the Offer a job section.

To ensure maximum security, all applications will be filtered by BEA’s team, who will check the truthfulness of sources.

“We hope that this platform can lead to concrete help, and strengthen the human network that binds us in this terrible historical moment”, says Salvatore Sagone, BEA’s director.